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We have more than 300 Wedding Gowns in "Clearance", in all Sizes, from 4 up to size 30
All Gowns on the "Clearance" section are 50% OFF the regular price!
The following dresses are just a few of them:
(Gowns are sold from stock, as is)

  • 1-NVEA
  • 1-NVEA (BACK)
  • 1-MJ-JB
  • 1-MJ-JB (BACK)
  • 1-NCJP
  • 1-NCJP (BACK)
  • 1-NCAV
  • 1-NCAV (BACK)
  • 1-NARE
  • 1-NARE (BACK)
  • 2-ARIC
  • 2-ARIC (BACK)
  • 3-VW-IEAJ
  • 3-VW-IEAJ (BACK)
  • 3-VW-IEAP
  • 3-VW-IEAP (BACK)
  • 3-VW-IEJR
  • 3-VW-IEJR (BACK)
  • 3-VW-IEJV
  • 3-VW-IEJV (BACK)
  • 3-VE-IJAE
  • 3-VE-IJAE (BACK)
  • 3-VE-IJVN
  • 3-VE-IJVN (REAR)
  • 3-VE-IAPV
  • 3-VE-IAPV (BACK)
  • 3-VE-IJEO
  • 3-VE-IJEO (BACK)
  • 3-AT-OBNP
  • 3-AT-OBNP (BACK)
  • 3-AT-ORCR
  • 3-AT-ORCR (BACK)
  • 3-AT-ORCN
  • 3-AT-ORCN (BACK)
  • 3-PA-NACN
  • 3-PA-NACN (BACK)
  • 3-PA-NJEA
  • 3-PA-NJEA (BACK)
  • 3-TB-ERNA
  • 3-TB-ERNA (BACK)
  • 3-VE-IACN
  • 3-VE-IACN (BACK)
  • 2-BAEV
  • 2-BAEV (BACK)
  • 2-AREP
  • 2-AREP (BACK)
  • 1-INEV
  • 1-INEV (BACK)
  • 1-INEV
  • 1-INEV (BACK)
  • 1-IBAO

878 SW 10th Ave Suite #8
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
Tel: 954.943.7768

Store Hours
Monday - Saturday: 10AM - 6PM
Sunday: CLOSED
By Appointment Only

If wedding vows are in your future, we can help you find the perfect wedding dress! We have a wide selection of wedding dresses, including lace wedding dresses, inexpensive wedding dresses, unique wedding dresses and beach wedding dresses perfect for South Florida brides and destination weddings. We carry sizes 4-30 in stock and we also have an array of bridesmaids dresses, veils and headpieces, and mother of the bride dresses. We even have a whole floor dedicated to quinceañera dresses. We can make your dreams come true for your special day. By appointment only so call us at (954) 943-7768 and we'll find the best dress for you.

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